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Dengue fever

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WHO Prequalifies New Dengue Vaccine

A breakthrough in dengue prevention occurred on May 10, 2024, as the World Health Organization (WHO) granted prequalification status to the TAK-003 vaccine. Developed by Takeda, this live-attenuated vaccine contains weakened forms of the four serotypes responsible for dengue virus transmission.

Key Details

  • Vaccine Name: TAK-003
  • Prequalification Date: May 10, 2024
  • Age Group: Children aged 6–16 years
  • Recommended Settings: Areas with high dengue burden and transmission intensity
  • Dosing Schedule: Two doses administered with a 3-month interval

Dr. Rogerio Gaspar, WHO Director for Regulation and Prequalification, emphasized the significance of TAK-003's prequalification. The vaccine is now eligible for procurement by UN agencies, including UNICEF and PAHO, bolstering global access to dengue vaccines.

Dengue: A Global Challenge

Dengue, a vector-borne disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes, poses a substantial health threat. With an estimated 100–400 million cases worldwide annually, severe dengue can be lethal. Most affected regions are in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Climate change and urbanization are likely to exacerbate dengue's spread.

Other Prequalified Dengue Vaccine

The WHO prequalification list also includes the CYD-TDV vaccine developed by Sanofi Pasteur.

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