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Tyson Fury Predicts Deontay Wilder's Fight vs Zhilei Zhang

By James Evans

Published 1 day ago


In a unique boxing event scheduled for June 1st in Saudi Arabia, Deontay Wilder, the thumping American heavyweight, will face off against Chinese superstar Zhilei Zhang. The stakes are high, and the outcome could significantly impact both fighters' careers.

The Rivalry

Wilder and Fury have a storied history, having clashed three times in their professional careers. Their first bout ended in a controversial draw, but Fury emerged victorious in the subsequent two fights. The bitter feud between them continues, with Wilder seeking redemption.

Fury's Prediction

Tyson Fury, the former heavyweight world champion, believes that Wilder will prevail in this showdown. Speaking through his manager, Spencer Brown, Fury expressed confidence in Wilder's chances: "When we saw Deontay Wilder in London, we did think he looked a bit different, like he was more on the job, and I was speaking to Tyson about it the other day, and he thinks Wilder beats Zhang. Tyson thinks Wilder stops him."

Wilder's Motivation

Wilder's trainer, Malik Scott, claims that the "Bronze Bomber" is remotivated ahead of the fight. Scott emphasizes that they are managing Wilder carefully, ensuring proper rest and preparation. A victory in Saudi Arabia could catapult Wilder back into the world title mix.

Another defeat for Wilder, however, could spell the end of his glittering career.

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