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New RPG Releases - May 16, 2024

Welcome to RPGamer’s weekly round-up of new RPG releases! In this column, we bring you details on the latest role-playing games that hit the market. Please note that we exclude Early Access titles still in development.


Platform: PC

Publisher: Armor Games

Developer: Seed by Seed

Price: $24.99 (10% launch discount)

Fantasy RPG Baladins immerses players in the paper-craft-inspired world of Gatherac. As the titular heroes caught in a time loop, players must spread happiness throughout the land. The dragon Colobra sends them back in time if they fail their mission, feeding on their mirth and adventures. Baladins features combat-free gameplay, with dialog choices and dice rolls driving quests. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch versions are in the works.


Platform: Nintendo Switch (previously released on other platforms)

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Developer: Experiment 101

Price: $39.99

Action RPG Biomutant unfolds in a post-apocalyptic, kung fu-inspired setting. Players control an anthropomorphized creature, customizing their character using mutations. Sam Wachter’s review of the PlayStation 4 version provides more insights.

Break the Loop

Platform: PC

Publisher: Mastodonte

Developer: Mastodonte

Price: $14.99 (20% launch discount)

Turn-based roguelite RPG Break the Loop tasks players with defeating an abyssal monster. A team of past heroes, guided by genius Chronomancer Friedrich’s time-traveling machine, faces random events in their timeline.

Dread Delusion

Platform: PC

Publisher: DreadXP

Developer: Lovely Hellplace

Price: $19.99

Open-world adventure RPG Dread Delusion unfolds in a broken world plagued by an undead curse. Players choose between healing the world or pursuing personal gain. Explore fantasy towns, complete quests, and uncover the mysteries of this intriguing realm.

Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand

Platform: PC

Publisher: DigitalSouls

Developer: DigitalSouls

Price: $49.99

Neptunia spin-off Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution stars an older version of series protagonist Neptune. It is set in a world with competing game studios and sees Neptune joining up with a trio of developer goddesses whose endeavor went under after losing market share in order to revive their fortunes.

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