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Gogglebox Star Jenny's Epic '80s Throwback Perm

By Dan Seddon

Published on 29th November 2021

Jenny Newby's '80s throwback picture with a massive perm

Gogglebox cast member Jenny Newby recently shared a cheeky throwback picture on Instagram, taking us all the way back to the '80s. Her co-star Lee Riley posted the epic photo, and it's safe to say that Jenny's massive perm stole the show.

The Iconic '80s Perm

Jenny's curly hair, reminiscent of the iconic '80s perm, had fans reminiscing about their own hair adventures during that era. Lee playfully captioned the photo, "She's going to go mad at me ???? Jenny with the '80s perm x."

Fans React

Reactions poured in from fans, with many expressing appreciation for Jenny's bold hairstyle. Comments included:

  • "Hey, we all did it. If you didn't have a perm in the '80s, were you even there?"
  • "Just sooo curly, looked lovely! We all had those perms."
  • "Beautiful and you're aging beautifully! Love you two ❤️"
  • "She looks fab! Bet you had one too, Lee!"
  • "Ah, fantastic picture. She hasn't changed one bit."

It seems Jenny's throwback hairstyle brought back fond memories for many.

What's Next?

While fans eagerly await Jenny's revenge with a Lee throwback snap, Gogglebox continues to entertain viewers with its diverse cast of TV watchers.

Channel 4's hit show recently introduced South-East London couple Ronnie and Annie, who quickly became favorites thanks to their discovery of BBQ-flavored Popchips.

Gogglebox airs on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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