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AnnaLynne McCord's Steamy Romance: Clothes Evaporate Around Boyfriend

By Charlotte Phillipp and Alex Cramer

Published on May 11, 2024


AnnaLynne McCord, the former '90210' star, has ignited a passionate romance with British rugby player Danny Cipriani. Their connection began years ago on the dating app Raya, and now their chemistry is undeniable.

The Reconnection

McCord and Cipriani had crossed paths eight years ago but were initially "terrible to each other." Their on-and-off relationship eventually led them on separate journeys, including a spiritual one. Recently, fate intervened, and they reconnected. McCord humorously revealed, "My clothes evaporate around him. It's like, 'What's happening?'"

From Friends to More

Initially, they decided to remain friends, but destiny had other plans. After just two days of being in each other's presence, their friendship transformed into something deeper. McCord admires the man Cipriani has become, and their second chance is proving to be more successful.

A Real Relationship

McCord emphasizes the beauty of their relationship lies in showing up for each other. They want the comfort of friendship with an added touch of romance. Their love story is unfolding, and it's clear that clothes aren't the only things heating up.


AnnaLynne McCord and Danny Cipriani's rekindled romance is a testament to the magic of second chances. Their connection, once volatile, has now blossomed into something extraordinary.

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