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Shania Twain Reveals Excitement for Glastonbury Legends Slot in Hyde Park

By Brooke Ivey Johnson | Published May 16, 2024

Shania Twain, the iconic global superstar, is gearing up to take on the legends slot at Glastonbury, a fitting jewel in the crown of the queen of country pop. In an exclusive interview with, she shares her thoughts on the upcoming event.

Legendary Impact

Shania's impact on music is indelible. Her 1997 album "Come On Over" remains the best-selling album by a female solo artist, and she is among the most culturally influential artists ever. Now, at 58 years old, she's set to perform at Glastonbury, a wow moment in her life.

Excitement and Ambition

Shania has openly expressed her ambition to play Glastonbury in the coveted Sunday afternoon slot for years. Following in the footsteps of country icons like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, she's thrilled about the honor. 'I mean Glastonbury is a wow in my life, and I’m very excited. Everybody around me is very excited.'

Keeping Surprises

While Shania remains secretive about her setlist, she hints at possible surprises. 'I’m still finalizing whether I will do any surprises yet. If I do, I wouldn’t want to share them anyway because that wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.'

Overcoming Challenges

Shania's journey hasn't been without obstacles. In the late noughties, she battled dysphonia caused by Lyme disease, which left her voice in tatters. Despite personal struggles, she fought hard to hold onto her musical success.

London's Hyde Park

Now, Shania is set to make her BST Hyde Park debut on Sunday, July 7, 2024. Joining her on the lineup are special guests The Corrs, Anne-Marie, Elle King, and Natalie Imbruglia. Tickets are on sale now!

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