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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Agree on Custody Arrangement

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Actress Sophie Turner and her singer ex-husband Joe Jonas have resolved their legal dispute over custody of their two children. The couple announced their amicable divorce last month, but Turner subsequently sued Jonas, alleging that he prevented their daughters from returning to England from the US.

Joint Statement

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, Turner and Jonas confirmed that they have reached a productive and successful mediation. They have agreed that their children, aged three and one, will spend equal time in loving homes in both the US and the UK. The former couple expressed their commitment to being great co-parents.

Temporary Arrangement

The legal filing outlines a temporary joint custody arrangement for the coming months. Turner had previously filed a petition citing the wrongful detention of their children in New York. She insisted that they should be returned to their permanent home in England, while Jonas maintained that the children were born in the US and had spent most of their lives there.


Sophie Turner, 27, gained fame for her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and has appeared in other notable projects such as The Staircase and the X-Men film franchise. Joe Jonas, 34, made his name in a pop band and a Disney Channel series alongside his two brothers.

This custody agreement marks a positive step for the former couple as they navigate co-parenting responsibilities.

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