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Emily Perkins

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Emily Perkins' Lioness Wins Aotearoa's Top Fiction Prize

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Wellington writer Emily Perkins has secured New Zealand's most prestigious literary award with her remarkable novel, Lioness. The 2024 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards recognized Perkins' incisive exploration of wealth, power, class, female rage, and the search for authenticity.

The Prize

Perkins was awarded the $65,000 Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction, a testament to her literary prowess and the impact of Lioness. The novel delves into themes that resonate deeply with readers, including wealth, class, and the complexities of mid-life.

Unforgettable Prose

Judges praised Perkins' acute observations and razor-sharp wit, which dismantle mid-life tropes and leave readers gasping for more. Lioness is a disturbing, deep, and smart work that defies easy categorization.

Perkins' Perspective

For Perkins, Lioness isn't a mere satire; it's an empathetic exploration of complicity and the struggle for change within comfortable lives. Her writing combines political insight with entertainment, making the novel both provocative and pleasurable.


This marks Perkins' second win of the top fiction prize, following her 2009 victory with Novel About My Wife. Her contribution to New Zealand literature continues to resonate, challenging readers to engage with complex themes and characters.

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