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The Wolf Among Us 2: New Screenshots and Development Update

By Wesley LeBlanc

Published on April 19, 2024


Telltale Games has provided an exciting development update for fans eagerly awaiting The Wolf Among Us 2. Despite previous setbacks, the studio remains committed to delivering an engaging sequel to the beloved original.

Hard at Work

Following a series of layoffs last October, Telltale Games has been diligently working on The Wolf Among Us 2. The studio acknowledges the anticipation from fans and assures them that progress is being made.

In-Progress Screenshots

As a treat for fans, Telltale Games has shared four in-progress screenshots from the current build of the game. These glimpses into the world of Fabletown hint at the captivating storytelling and unique art style that players can expect.

Release Date

Originally slated for release in 2023, The Wolf Among Us 2 faced delays. However, fans can now look forward to experiencing the game in 2024.

Stay Excited

Are you still excited for The Wolf Among Us 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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