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Former Model Almost Died Trying to Cure Cancer with Juice Diet

By Claire Gilbody Dickerson, News Reporter

Published on Saturday, 20 April 2024, 02:10 (UK Time)


Irena Stoynova, a former model, embarked on a perilous journey to combat her cancer using an unconventional approach: a juice diet. Her story serves as a cautionary tale for those who consider bypassing traditional medical advice in favor of alternative information found online.

The Juice Diet

Believing that liquid nutrition would eradicate her non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Stoynova invested £2,000 in juicers and spent up to three hours daily preparing liquid meals. She shut out conventional treatment recommendations from medical professionals, swayed by online content promoting alternative therapies.

Desperate Measures

Stoynova's holistic quest led her down various paths: raw-food diets, intermittent fasting, boiling herbs, and special teas. She clung to the notion that her body could heal itself through radical lifestyle and dietary changes.

The Harrowing Journey

As her obsession intensified, Stoynova lost 20 kilograms. Weak, sleep-deprived, and hallucinating, she persisted. Fluid accumulated in her lungs, and she struggled to breathe. Her refusal of conventional treatment pushed her to the brink of death.

A Turning Point

Finally, in May of the previous year, Stoynova was rushed to Frimley Park Hospital. Doctors warned her that without treatment, her stage-three cancer would likely claim her life. After days of frustrating conversations, she relented and agreed to chemotherapy.

Remission and Reflection

Now in remission, Stoynova reflects on her ordeal. She compares the side effects of chemotherapy to the hardships she endured during her holistic pursuit. Her message to others: the path to healing lies in informed decisions, not blind faith.

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