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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Beta Testing: A Sneak Peek at Noble Numbat

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, codenamed "Noble Numbat," is gearing up for its official release, and the community's help is crucial to ensure a smooth launch. Let's dive into what this beta has in store!

Security First

The beta release was intentionally delayed this cycle due to a recent security incident involving xz/liblzma. Canonical prioritizes safety, security, and reliability, making this decision necessary to maintain Ubuntu's reputation as a trusted platform for users.

Getting Started

To participate in beta testing, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Beta Image.
  2. Install it on your machine (physical or virtual).
  3. Execute various test cases found on the ISO tracker.
  4. Report any bugs you encounter.

New Features to Explore

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS introduces exciting enhancements:

  • Ubuntu Desktop Installer Improvements: The installer now includes visual and functional upgrades. Users will notice an Accessibility section, autoinstall configuration import options, and experimental ZFS and TPM-backed full disk encryption.
  • Ubuntu App Center and Firmware Updater: The App Center boasts new features, ensuring a polished user experience.

Testing Beyond x86 Hardware

Even if you lack access to x86 hardware, you can still contribute:

  • Ubuntu on WSL: Download the 'Ubuntu Preview' application from the Windows store for daily builds.
  • Raspberry Pi: Ubuntu 24.04 LTS supports Raspberry Pi 4 and the new Raspberry Pi 5.
  • VM Software: Experiment with QEMU, Virtual Box, and VMware player.

Let's make Ubuntu 24.04 LTS the best release yet!

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