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Indian Political Updates: Elections, Parties, and More

Published on March 24, 2024

AIADMK and DMK Clash Ahead of Tamil Nadu Elections

In a significant development, AIADMK and DMK leaders met to discuss their strategies for the upcoming Tamil Nadu assembly elections. Former Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami and DMK leader Premalatha Vijayakant engaged in a heated debate. What were the key issues they deliberated over during their five-year tenure?

Maharashtra: BJP's Exit from Coalition Government

The BJP has decided to withdraw from the coalition government in Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar issued a warning, stating that the state will witness a change in power. What implications will this have for the political landscape in Maharashtra?

Delhi: BJP's Fifth List of Candidates

The BJP released its fifth list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Actress Kangana Ranaut will contest from the Chandni Chowk constituency. What impact will her entry into politics have?

Uttar Pradesh: Holi Celebrations and Political Rallies

As Holi festivities kick off, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his warm wishes to the nation. Meanwhile, in Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party organized a colorful rally. How are politicians leveraging the festival season to connect with voters?

Tamil Nadu: Thulasiramapuram's Unique Protest

A video of a woman protesting against injustice has gone viral on social media. She stood silently, holding a placard that read, "Justice for Thulasiramapuram." Who is this brave woman, and what led to her powerful demonstration?

Remembering the Legacy of K. Kalaignar

On March 20, a moving tribute took place in Tambur, Puducherry, where men chanted "Jai Shri Ram" during Holi celebrations. What significance does this event hold in the context of the ongoing struggle for justice?

Uttar Pradesh Elections: 16 Candidates Announced

The Bahujan Samaj Party revealed its list of 16 candidates for various constituencies. In Nagina, Surendiranath Pal Singh will represent the party. How will this impact the electoral dynamics in the state?

Chennai: A Woman's Brave Stand

A courageous woman's video, where she confronts a harasser, has sparked discussions on social media. The incident highlights the importance of safety measures and vigilance. What message does this incident send to society?

Coimbatore: The Gold Smuggling Mystery

Why did a man voluntarily reduce the price of gold? The Tamil Nadu government's decision to impose a tax on gold has caused a stir. How will this affect the gold market in Kovai?

Marathi New Year Celebrations in Pune

People in Pune celebrated Gudi Padwa with fervor. After successful trials, the Pune Municipal Corporation resumed door-to-door garbage collection services. How are these initiatives impacting the city's cleanliness?

Remembering the Tragedy in Pignoor

A video from Tambur, Puducherry, shows men chanting "Jai Shri Ram" during Holi celebrations. What led to this incident, and how does it relate to the ongoing struggle for justice in Nepal?

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