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Against the Storm: A Million Sales Milestone on Steam

By Ken Allsop | Published 1 hour ago

Amidst the towering giants of city-building games like Cities Skylines 2, Frostpunk, and Northgard, there emerges a dark fantasy gem that has captured the hearts of players: Against the Storm. This indie-developed title, which we previously hailed as “a near-perfect roguelike strategy game,” has achieved an impressive feat—selling over a million copies on Steam.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reception

Against the Storm boasts an enviable 95% user rating on Steam. Its blend of city-building mechanics and roguelike strategy elements has resonated with players, making it a standout in the genre.

From Early Access to Success

Launched out of early access in December 2023, Against the Storm quickly gained traction. Its recent 1.2 update introduced valuable settlement management tools and quality-of-life improvements, enhancing the player experience. And there's more to come—update 1.3 is on the horizon, along with anticipated DLC later in 2024.

The Storm Beckons

Set in a world ravaged by a relentless storm, Against the Storm challenges players to expand their last bastion of civilization. As you venture into the perilous wilderness, you'll construct settlements, manage workers, and uncover vital resources. The game's stunning art direction and intuitive menus make it accessible to both seasoned strategists and newcomers alike.

Developer Insights

Eremite Games co-founder, Lukasz Korzanowski, reflects on the milestone: “We find it incredibly reassuring that even a small and relatively unknown studio like ours can thrive on Steam. Treating players with respect and listening to their feedback has been an integral part of Against the Storm’s success.”

Get Your Copy

If you're ready to join the storm-battered journey, you can find Against the Storm on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, and the Xbox Store, priced at $29.99/£24.99. And for PC Game Pass subscribers, it's available as part of Microsoft's game library.

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