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Younger Adults Facing Increased Cancer Risk: Insights from UAE

By Angel Tesorero | March 23, 2024


People in their 30s and 40s, often considered too young and healthy, are now grappling with a surprising diagnosis: cancer. Traditionally associated with older age groups, this disease is increasingly affecting adults below 50. The recent revelation by 42-year-old Kate, Princess of Wales, about her cancer battle underscores this concerning trend.

The Changing Landscape

While the average age of cancer diagnosis remains around 68 years old, studies reveal a dramatic surge in cancer cases among younger individuals. In the UAE, breast cancer, thyroid cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer are prevalent types, with 22% of colorectal cancer patients being below 40 years old. This trend extends globally, with over a dozen cancer types showing increased incidence in adults aged 50 and below.

Risk Factors

Several factors contribute to early-onset cancer:

  • Genetics: Mutations in specific genes elevate cancer risk, even at a young age.
  • Exposure: Carcinogens like tobacco smoke, radiation, and pollution play a role.
  • Lifestyle: Poor diet, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking increase risk.
  • Weight: Being overweight or obese is associated with higher cancer risk.
  • Stress: Chronic stress weakens the immune system and contributes to inflammation, potentially promoting cancer development.

Global Impact

Although cancer incidence rises among younger people, advancements in treatment, early screening, and reduced smoking rates have led to a decline in cancer-related deaths. The UAE actively promotes early screening for breast and colorectal cancer, starting at age 40.


As we navigate this evolving landscape, awareness, early detection, and healthy lifestyle choices remain crucial in combating cancer.

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