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Embracer Group to Sell Gearbox Software: A Shift in the Gaming Landscape

By [Anonymous Contributor]

Published on March 28, 2024


Last year, Embracer Group, a major player in the gaming industry, hinted at a potential sale of Gearbox Software, the studio behind the popular Borderlands franchise. Now, it appears that this speculation is turning into reality.

The Decision

According to inside sources, Gearbox Software is on the brink of changing hands. The studio's fate lies in one of three scenarios: remaining with Embracer, finding a new owner, or reclaiming its independence. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford recently addressed the team, revealing that a decision has been made. While specifics remain under wraps, an announcement is expected next month.

Who's Buying?

The buyer's identity remains shrouded in mystery, but insiders suggest that an unnamed party is in the final stages of acquiring Gearbox. If successful, this transaction will reshape the landscape of gaming, as Gearbox has been a cornerstone of the industry for years.

Embracer's Restructuring Saga

Embracer Group's decision to part ways with Gearbox Software follows a series of strategic moves. Notably, the company is also rumored to be selling Saber Interactive, the publisher behind World War Z and Snowrunner. These sales are part of Embracer's ongoing restructuring efforts, triggered by the collapse of a $2 billion partnership last year. The fallout led to layoffs and studio closures, including the beloved TimeSplitters series developer, Free Radical, and Saints Row creator, Volition.


As the gaming world watches, Gearbox Software's transition promises both uncertainty and opportunity. What lies ahead for this iconic studio? Only time will tell.

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