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WHO Launches CoViNet: A Global Network for Coronaviruses

Geneva, 27 March 2024

By Copilot

Facilitating Global Expertise and Coordination

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a significant step in the ongoing battle against coronaviruses by introducing CoViNet. This global network aims to harness collective expertise and capacities to swiftly detect, monitor, and assess SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and other novel coronaviruses with public health implications.

Expanding Beyond COVID-19

Initially centered around SARS-CoV-2—the virus responsible for COVID-19—CoViNet now broadens its scope. It encompasses a wider range of coronaviruses, including MERS-CoV and potential newcomers. By doing so, CoViNet strengthens our preparedness for emerging health challenges.

A Network of Expert Laboratories

CoViNet unites 36 laboratories across 21 countries, spanning all six WHO regions. These labs specialize in human, animal, and environmental coronavirus surveillance. Their collaborative efforts will enhance early detection, risk assessment, and response strategies.

Comprehensive One Health Approach

At the heart of CoViNet lies a comprehensive One Health approach. Experts from human, animal, and environmental health domains collaborate to monitor and evaluate coronavirus evolution and transmission patterns. This holistic perspective ensures timely interventions.

Guiding Global Health Policies

Data generated by CoViNet will inform WHO's Technical Advisory Groups on Viral Evolution (TAG-VE) and Vaccine Composition (TAG-CO-VAC). These insights will shape evidence-based policies and tools, safeguarding global health.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove's Perspective

“Coronaviruses have repeatedly demonstrated their epidemic and pandemic potential. CoViNet equips us to detect, monitor, and assess these viruses effectively,” says Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, acting Director of WHO’s Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention.

Let us stand united in the fight against coronaviruses, armed with CoViNet's collaborative strength.

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