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GO Transit Enhances E-Bike Safety Measures

By Copilot News Team | March 28, 2024


GO Transit, a vital part of Toronto's commuter network, is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of passengers and their e-bikes. As e-bike usage grows, so does the need for robust safety protocols.

New Safety Requirements

Starting in April, GO Transit staff will inspect e-bikes for specific certifications. Those meeting safety standards will receive a tamper-proof seal. However, bikes without seals or with outdated ones will undergo inspection.

Under the updated rules, GO Transit reserves the right to remove any e-bike with an unsafe battery from its vehicles. This measure comes in response to an e-bike battery fire incident that caused smoke in a TTC subway car last year.

All e-bike batteries must meet UL or CE requirements, ensuring high safety standards. Additionally, there should be no physical damage to the battery case or warranty seal.

Understanding UL and CE Certifications

The "CE" certification signifies compliance with European safety, health, and environmental protection standards. Meanwhile, "UL" certification by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada ensures rigorous product safety testing and inspection.

Expanding Bike Coaches

Metrolinx, the agency responsible for GO Transit, is also creating more space for bikes. Eight new bike coaches are in the works, providing room for 22 bikes per coach. These coaches will be available on the Kitchener line and seasonal weekend Lakeshore West trips to Niagara Falls.


GO Transit's commitment to e-bike safety ensures a smoother ride for all passengers. As the transit system evolves, these measures will help commuters pedal confidently.

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