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Unveiling the Legendary Midas Skins in Fortnite

By Felister Moraa

Published 22 minutes ago

The Rise of Midas

Midas, the enigmatic golden villain, has captured the hearts of Fortnite players across different chapters. His allure lies in the multiple variants of his skin, each with its own unique flair.

1. Ascendant Midas: A Mythological Marvel

Introduced in Chapter 5, Season 2, Ascendant Midas dons a mythological look. His armor features shades of grey, black, and gold, exuding power and excellence. The massive belt and Golden King's Cape complete his divine ensemble. Notably, Ascendant Midas is Fortnite's first Legendary Item Shop skin since Chapter 2 Season 7.

2. Icebound Midas: Hauntingly Cool

Part of the Black Ice Legends pack, Icebound Midas embraces frozen themes. His pale blue skin and ghostly aura give him an otherworldly appearance. The cool mist emanating from his pickaxe adds to the eerie charm.

3. Midsummer Midas: Beach Vibes and Golden Sands

Midsummer Midas, a fan-favorite beach-inspired outfit, offers various styles and a golden body. Whether you're building sandcastles or battling opponents, this skin brings the sunshine wherever you go.

Fortnite players can acquire these Midas skins by either purchasing them from the Item Shop or completing associated challenges. Choose your favorite and make a statement on the island!

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