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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Second-Generation Vaccine Targets Melanoma

March 26, 2024

By Don Ward Hackett


Defence Therapeutics Inc., a Canadian biotechnology company, has achieved a significant breakthrough in cancer immunotherapy. Their second-generation anti-cancer vaccine, ARM-002TM, shows immense promise in treating melanoma.

ARM-002TM: A Game-Changer

When tested as a therapeutic vaccine in a melanoma cancer model, ARM-002TM demonstrated an impressive 80% complete response rate. This remarkable outcome was achieved by combining ARM-002TM with the anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor.

How It Works

ARM-002TM leverages the power of AccuTOX®, Defence's lead anti-cancer molecule. AccuTOX® not only triggers cancer cell death when directly injected but also converts mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) into potent antigen-presenting cells. These reprogrammed MSCs prime robust anti-tumoral responses using significantly lower antigen preparation.

Long-Lasting Protection

Vaccination with ARM-002TM stimulates specific immune responses capable of potentially curing established tumors. Furthermore, the developed immune cells create a lasting memory response, safeguarding patients from future cancer relapses.

Next Steps

The Defence team plans to expand ARM-002TM's application beyond melanoma. Ovarian and pancreatic cancers, often challenging to treat, are next on the list for testing. Once additional studies are completed, including deciphering AccuTOX®'s mode of action, a Phase I trial targeting a basket of solid tumors will commence.

Market Impact

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the solid tumors market is projected to reach $901.27 billion (U.S.) by 2029, emphasizing the critical need for innovative therapies like ARM-002TM.

Stay tuned for more updates as Defence Therapeutics continues its groundbreaking work in cancer treatment.

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