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Queen Camilla Champions the Power of Reading for Health and Well-Being

By Rebecca English

Published: 16:36 NZDT, 26 March 2024 | Updated: 16:33 NZDT, 27 March 2024


Queen Camilla, in a groundbreaking revelation, has thrown her support behind recent scientific findings that elevate the humble act of reading to a powerful health-enhancing practice.

Reading: The New Superfood

Move over, kale and quinoa! According to Queen Camilla, five minutes of daily reading is now on par with walking 10,000 steps and consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables. Yes, you read that right—books are the new superfood for our brains.

The Queen's Reading Room

Her Majesty's endorsement comes as her book club, The Queen's Reading Room, celebrates its third anniversary. Notably, it has also transitioned into a registered charity, emphasizing the vital role literature plays in our lives.

Neuroscientific Insights

Groundbreaking neuroscientific research commissioned by the charity reveals that even a mere five minutes of reading can yield remarkable benefits:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced feelings of connection

Camilla's Address

Speaking at Clarence House, Queen Camilla addressed an esteemed audience that included renowned authors and actors. She emphasized the importance of incorporating reading into our daily routines:

"It is a huge pleasure to welcome you to Clarence House this evening to mark the third anniversary of my Reading Room as a book club and its first as a charity. Just as we always suspected, books are good for us—and now science is proving us right!"


So, next time you reach for that novel or delve into a captivating article, know that you're not only feeding your mind but also nourishing your well-being. Queen Camilla's endorsement serves as a timely reminder that the written word holds transformative power.

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