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The ABC: A Trusted Voice in the Pacific

Published on March 26, 2024

By Claire Gorman


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has emerged as the most trusted international media outlet across the Pacific. Despite challenges faced by traditional media, the ABC continues to resonate with Pacific audiences, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality content.

Building Trust

Research conducted last year in six key Pacific markets—Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu—reveals that the ABC enjoys nearly 80% trust levels, equivalent to those in Australia. This achievement is significant, considering the decline in traditional media audiences.

Content and Services

The ABC's investments in the Pacific focus on meeting audience needs. The survey examined usage patterns related to ABC Australia, ABC Radio Australia, and ABC's digital and social media channels. Respondents widely agreed that the ABC provides educational, interesting, and reliable news and information.

Digital Trends

While traditional media consumption remains dominant, digital platforms play an increasingly vital role. Between 67% and 98% of those who interacted with the ABC did so through online platforms. As household ownership of radios and televisions declines, newspapers are now predominantly read online.

Comparison with International Broadcasters

The ABC outperforms heavyweight international broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN, and national broadcasters from France, Japan, New Zealand, and China. Its appeal extends beyond general news and current affairs, with music and sport shows tailored for Pacific audiences gaining popularity.

The Pacific Program

ABC's flagship Pacific program, The Pacific, remains a cornerstone of its success. Through accurate reporting and engaging content, the ABC continues to be the trusted voice shaping perceptions and fostering connections across the region.

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