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Harvey Norman Women's National Championships 2024: Day 1 Recap

The Harvey Norman Women's National Championships kicked off on a sun-kissed Gold Coast, and rugby league enthusiasts were treated to a thrilling day of action. Let's dive into the highlights from Day 1:

New Faces, New Teams

Day 1 witnessed the debut of two exciting teams: Fiji and Papua New Guinea. These Pacific nations brought their flair and passion to the field, showcasing their talent and determination.

MarCaya Bailous and Megan Pakulis Shine

Keep an eye on MarCaya Bailous and Megan Pakulis. These Las Vegas NRL Combine winners made their presence felt across various teams throughout the tournament. Their speed, agility, and skill added an extra dimension to the matches.

Match Summaries

  • NSW City vs. Ahi Ka Aotearoa: Reigning champions NSW City faced off against New Zealand's Ahi Ka Aotearoa. The battle was fierce, with both sides leaving it all on the pitch.
  • Western Australia vs. Northern Territory: The undefeated Northern Territory team from last year clashed with Western Australia. It was a hard-fought contest, showcasing the best of women's rugby league.
  • Queensland Sapphires vs. Fiji: Newcomers Fiji took on Queensland's Sapphires. The Fijian side faced a tough challenge against the experienced Sapphires.
  • Victoria vs. First Nations Gems: Victoria, fresh from their strong 2023 campaign, battled the talented First Nations Gems. The Gems proved resilient, making it an intense showdown.
  • NSW Country vs. Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea launched their inaugural campaign against NSW Country. Both teams fought hard, eager to make their mark in the tournament.
  • Australian Defence Force Rugby League vs. South Australia: The final match of the day featured the disciplined ADF Rugby League team against South Australia. It was a fitting end to an action-packed day.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Harvey Norman Women's National Championships continue!

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