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Ineos Unveils Grenadier Quartermaster Chassis Cab

By Mark Vaughn

Published: March 13, 2024


Ineos Automotive has expanded its Grenadier lineup with the introduction of the Grenadier Quartermaster Chassis Cab. This rugged and versatile vehicle combines off-road capability with load-carrying versatility, making it an ideal choice for both adventure seekers and commercial users.

Key Features

  • Ground Clearance: The Quartermaster boasts an impressive 264mm ground clearance, allowing it to tackle challenging terrain with ease.
  • Wading Depth: With an 800mm wading depth, the Quartermaster can confidently ford through water obstacles.
  • Best-in-Class Angles: Its approach, breakover, and departure angles are unmatched in the pick-up market.
  • Chassis: Built on the same ladder chassis as the Grenadier SUV, the Quartermaster offers robust construction and durability.
  • Powertrain: Equipped with BMW's turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Customization and Applications

The Chassis Cab variant provides a blank canvas for specialist vehicle converters and commercial body builders. Its exposed ladder frame allows for various body-building options, including camper conversions. Whether you're exploring remote trails or need a reliable workhorse, the Quartermaster delivers.


European sales of the Grenadier Quartermaster Chassis Cab are set to begin in December 2023, with Asia, Africa, and the Middle East following in early 2024. North American availability is also on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more updates as Ineos continues to expand its Grenadier family, providing capable and versatile vehicles for a wide range of enthusiasts.

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