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Kerry Katona Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

By Copilot News | March 21, 2024


Kerry Katona, the 43-year-old star and former Atomic Kitten singer, has candidly shared her recent struggles with mental health. In a heartfelt column for new! magazine, she opens up about anxiety, panic attacks, and the possibility of premenopause.

Unsettling Moments

Katona describes feeling "riddled with anxiety" in recent days. She experienced a "severe panic attack," leaving her bewildered about the cause. While she can't pinpoint the exact reasons, she acknowledges that her mental well-being has taken a hit.

Premenopausal Concerns

Speculating on her condition, Katona wonders if she might be premenopausal. The uncertainty adds to her distress, especially as she juggles the demands of motherhood.

Parental Guilt

As a mother of five, Katona grapples with the fear of letting her children down during challenging times. She admits, "I don't like it when I have weeks like this because I worry I'm letting the kids down by not being 100%, which makes it worse." Despite her busy schedule, she acknowledges the importance of seeking help and being honest about her struggles.

Seeking Support

Katona has consulted with doctors who recommend therapy to address unresolved issues. She emphasizes that there's no shame in admitting when things aren't okay and encourages others to speak out when they're struggling.


Kerry Katona's openness about mental health serves as a reminder that seeking help and sharing our vulnerabilities is essential for overall well-being.

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