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Chloe Sims and Siblings: The New UK Kardashians

Former TOWIE star Chloe Sims and her siblings are making waves in the entertainment industry. They've recently inked a lucrative million-pound deal with 'Only Fans TV', positioning themselves as the fresh UK version of the iconic Kardashian clan.

The Sims Family: Reality TV Royalty

The Sims Family, hailing from Essex, has captured the hearts of viewers with their unfiltered lives and captivating drama. Now, they're ready to take their fame across the pond to Hollywood.

From Essex to Hollywood

Chloe, Charlie, Frankie, Demi, and Georgia—each with their unique personalities—are embarking on a thrilling journey. Their new reality show, aptly titled "House of Sims," chronicles their adventures as they chase dreams, navigate relationships, and face the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

What Sets Them Apart?

While comparisons to the Kardashians are inevitable, the Sims siblings bring their own flair. Their authenticity, relatability, and raw emotions resonate with audiences. From fashion endeavors to personal struggles, viewers will witness it all.

Only Fans TV: The Platform

'Only Fans TV' recognizes the Sims' star power and aims to showcase their lives beyond the tabloids. With exclusive behind-the-scenes content, fans can delve deeper into the Sims' world.

Stay Tuned!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as the Sims Family conquers Hollywood. Follow their triumphs, heartaches, and everything in between. The UK Kardashians have arrived!

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