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Ronnie O'Sullivan's Fiery Cue Incident at World Open

Snooker fans were left in shock as the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan unleashed his frustration during the World Open tournament in Yushan, China.

Missed Pot Sparks Fury

The Rocket, as he's affectionately known, secured a 5-3 victory against Michael White in his opening match. However, it was a routine red that triggered his explosive reaction. After missing the pot, O'Sullivan slammed his cue against the table, leaving commentators stunned.

Mid-Range Struggles

Visibly unhappy with his performance, O'Sullivan's frustration boiled over. The Eurosport commentator exclaimed, "It's been a few of those mid-range shots. He's absolutely fuming. Crikey!" The impact was so intense that he could have "taken the lump out of his cue."

Next Challenge: Lyu Haotian

Looking ahead, O'Sullivan faces Lyu Haotian in the next round. The winner of the tournament will pocket a hefty £170,000 prize. Luca Brecel and Judd Trump also compete, adding to the fierce rivalry.

China vs. UK: O'Sullivan's Preference

Reflecting on his experience, O'Sullivan, a seven-time World Champion, revealed his preference for playing in China. He cited fewer distractions compared to the UK, where pubs and partying dominate. "I don't drink, I don't go out partying, so this is a great place for me," he shared. "I can just chill out and have a nice time."

Recent Triumph in Saudi Arabia

Just this month, O'Sullivan clinched victory at the World Masters of Snooker in Saudi Arabia, defeating Brecel in the final and claiming a £250,000 prize. Despite occasional crowd disturbances, he praised the Middle Eastern hospitality and the electric atmosphere.

"These are the tournaments you really want to play in," O'Sullivan emphasized. "One table, a great crowd. The music was going on in-between frames—it was like we were in some sort of rave, taking me back 25 years."

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