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Real Estate Mogul To Finance Next Genre Film From ‘Insidious’ & ‘Paranormal Activity’ Producer Steven Schneider

By Andreas Wiseman

March 20, 2024 10:33am


Real estate magnate Doval Bacall is making waves in the entertainment industry with his first significant film investment. The project in question? Producer Steven Schneider's upcoming feature film, 'Boyfriend.'


Steven Schneider, a genre specialist renowned for his work on franchises like Paranormal Activity and Insidious, has teamed up with Bacall for this exciting venture.

The Players

Doval Bacall, principal and partner of Bacall Companies, brings his expertise from the commercial real estate development and management sector. His family-owned company boasts an impressive portfolio across retail, office, food and beverage, hospitality, and financial lending domains.

Steven Schneider, the driving force behind successful horror films, is now venturing into fresh territory with 'Boyfriend.'

The Film

'Boyfriend', an original screenplay by Marlon Chapman, promises intrigue and suspense. Under the direction of Anne Hamilton, known for her work on American Fable, the movie delves into the story of an intrepid young woman. Obsessed with finding her sister's abductor, she takes a daring step: fashioning herself into his next victim to uncover the truth.

Production Details

The film is currently in casting, with plans to shoot at FilmStradt Baden Studios in Austria in September 2024. Austria's tax rebate scheme provides an attractive incentive for filmmakers.


Joining Schneider and Bacall are fellow producers Paul Coy Allen of Midas Entertainment and Shelley Browning of Magnolia Entertainment. Executive producers include Stuart Manashil of Novo Entertainment and Doval Bacall himself.


Bacall expresses his honor in collaborating with Schneider, recognizing the potential of this commercial feature. As the project gains momentum, the entertainment world eagerly awaits the unveiling of 'Boyfriend.'

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