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Yangwang U8: China's Best-Selling SUV Hits Goodwood

BYD, the Chinese automaker, has been making waves in the UK with its electric and hybrid models. Now, they're introducing the Yangwang U8, a premium performance hybrid SUV that's already a hit in China. Let's dive into the details.

Distinctive Styling

The Yangwang U8 stands out with its bold design. It's not your typical SUV – it's a tower block-sized vehicle with intricate details around the wheel arches. The front and rear lights resemble a game of Tetris gone wild. Some will find it striking, while others might consider it over-the-top.

Performance and Powertrain

Under the hood, the U8 boasts impressive specs. Its E4 chassis houses four motors (one for each wheel), delivering a combined horsepower of 1180bhp and a whopping 944 ft lbs of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 62mph takes just 3.6 seconds – remarkable for a car weighing around three and a half tonnes.

But here's the twist: the U8 is a range extender. Its 50kWh battery gets occasional top-ups from a compact 2.0-litre engine. The engine doesn't directly power the wheels; instead, it indirectly supports the electric motors.

Range and Charging

The U8 offers a combined range of 621 miles (1000km) – impressive for an electric vehicle. It can charge from 30% to 80% using 110kW fast-charging. Keep in mind that it's a range extender, so the small battery gets replenished by the engine.

Maximum speed? A brisk 124mph (200km/h).

UK Arrival?

The big question: will the Yangwang U8 make its way to the UK? With its £120k price tag, it's a bold move. But if you're after luxury, performance, and eye-catching design, keep an eye out – Yangwang might just surprise us.

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