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Paula Pell

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Girls5Eva: A Triumphant Comeback on Netflix

By Stuart Heritage

Published on March 18, 2024

Quiet Revival on Netflix

Very quietly, without much publicity or promotion, Girls5Eva made its triumphant return on Netflix last week. For those who hadn't kept a close eye on the show, this came as an immense surprise. Because as far as we were concerned, Girls5Eva was dead.

The Whipsmart Tina Fey-Produced Sitcom

At the end of its second season a year and a half ago, the show's original platform Peacock announced that it would not renew the series. Written by Meredith Scardino, a storied writer with credits on SNL and The Colbert Report, Girls5Eva was a sitcom about four middle-aged women determined to reform their noughties girl group and recapture a flicker of their old fame. It was dense with every form of joke imaginable and boasted a murderer's row of talent.

Netflix's Surprising Move

It's slightly surprising that Netflix picked up Girls5Eva. Long gone are the days when Netflix would swoop in and rescue any vaguely beloved show that looked like it might be in trouble. Now it has a habit of cutting shows off in their prime, unless millions of diehard fans are prepared to dedicate their entire lives to relentlessly pestering executives for a renewal. And Girls5Eva definitely did not have that.

Meet the Cast

The show features a stellar cast, including:

  • Sara Bareilles as Dawn, the earnest piano balladeer
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as Wickie Roy, the absurd narcissist
  • Busy Philipps as Summer, the "hot one" in the group
  • Paula Pell as Gloria, another member of the girl group

And now you have another chance to enjoy the music-filled comedy of Girls5Eva on Netflix.

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