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Firefox 124: Slick Moves for Mac and Android

By Liam Proven | Published on March 19, 2024


The latest version of Firefox, 124, introduces several enhancements that cater to Mac and Android users. Let's dive into the slick moves that make this release stand out.

Android Improvements

If you're an Android user, you'll appreciate the new gesture for refreshing pages. Simply pull down from the top of the screen, and voilà! Your page is refreshed. This intuitive action aligns with the standard behavior on most touch devices.

Mac Full-Screen Mode

For Mac users, Firefox now fully embraces the macOS experience in full-screen mode. Previously, Firefox's full-screen mode didn't utilize the official macOS API. However, with this release, it's now the default setting, ensuring a seamless transition between virtual screens, menubar, and the Dock.

Caret Browsing and PDF Viewer

Caret browsing, a keyboard navigation feature, now extends to Firefox's built-in PDF viewer. This enhancement benefits users with visual disabilities and keyboard enthusiasts who prefer navigating without a mouse.

Screen Wake Lock API

Firefox can now prevent screen-savers and screen-dimming using the Screen Wake Lock API. Whether you're watching movies or using navigation apps, this feature ensures uninterrupted screen time.

Expanded Qwant Availability

Qwant, the privacy-focused search engine, is now available in all languages within the France region, as well as in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland.

Security Fixes

As always, Firefox includes various security fixes to enhance your browsing safety.


Firefox 124 continues to evolve, catering to diverse hardware and user preferences. Whether you're on Mac or Android, these slick moves enhance your browsing experience.

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