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St. Mary's Edge Past Terenure to Claim First Leinster Junior Cup in 27 Years

By Daire Walsh, Energia Park

Published on March 20, 2024

Victory After a Long Wait

St. Mary's College Rugby Team secured a historic triumph by defeating Terenure in the Leinster Junior Cup final. This victory marks their first title in 27 years, bridging a 14-year gap since their last junior grade championship.

Thrilling Clash at Energia Park

The pulsating encounter unfolded at Energia Park, where both teams battled fiercely for supremacy. St. Mary's displayed exceptional skill, determination, and teamwork, ultimately clinching the coveted cup.

Player Performances

Several standout performances contributed to St. Mary's success. Key players showcased their talent, with remarkable contributions from both seasoned veterans and emerging talents.

Community Celebrations

The victory sparked jubilant celebrations among St. Mary's supporters, alumni, and the wider rugby community. Fans gathered to honor the team's resilience and commitment, relishing the long-awaited championship.

Looking Ahead

As St. Mary's revels in their Leinster Junior Cup triumph, eyes now turn toward future challenges. The team aims to build on this success, inspiring a new generation of rugby enthusiasts and continuing their legacy.

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