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Why Starfield's Struggles Raise Concerns for The Elder Scrolls 6

Published on March 14, 2024, 12:06 pm

By Tanay

Reviewed by Adil


Starfield, Bethesda's ambitious space-faring RPG, has faced a rocky reception since its release. While initial expectations were high, the game's current state leaves much to be desired. As players grapple with its shortcomings, the question looms: What does this mean for the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6?

Starfield's Mixed Reception

Starfield's journey to launch spanned over 7 years, yet it failed to make a significant impact. Despite extensive marketing efforts, the game struggled to establish a positive presence. Negative reviews piled up, and player engagement dwindled.

The Core Mechanics Issue

Even with mods and gameplay tweaks, Starfield's core mechanics remain lackluster. Ground exploration and navigation, essential elements for an immersive experience, fall short of expectations. Players find themselves questioning Bethesda's ability to deliver a compelling new game.

Steam Reviews Tell a Tale

On Steam, where detailed reviews abound, the situation is dire. The latest update brought numerous fixes, but critical features still lag behind. Some players have lost faith in Bethesda's title, expressing their frustration.

The Elder Scrolls 6: A Daunting Task

As fans eagerly await The Elder Scrolls 6, the pressure on Bethesda is immense. The legacy of Skyrim, a beloved RPG, sets high standards. However, the "Mostly Negative" reception for Starfield casts doubt on whether Bethesda can create a game that truly stands apart.


While Starfield grapples with its identity, fans hope that Bethesda will rise to the challenge and deliver an Elder Scrolls experience worthy of its legacy.

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